October 2018 Meeting Minutes

In Attendance                                   

Alan Wright, Jon Summer, DiAnn Klepperich, Angie Smalley Susan Lover, Kim Reding, Julie Rydeen, Donnie Rooney, Michelle Donahue

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the August/September meeting were read and approved

Treasurer’s Report

Our account has $69.7K which includes $17.1K of earmarks.


·       none

Committee Reports


We are using a new drink service and equipment hence the change from cans to bottles of pop. We are also trying a new food service that will deliver instead of several personal trips to Sam’s Club. The football concessions is in need of a new refrigerator.

The Health Department came for an inspection of our facilities. There is some question whether our new grill was NSF, but we made sure to research that before purchase. We may need to investigate food permits for any food prep that happens outside of concessions. The volleyball concessions area needs a three compartment sink as a permanent sanitizing solution for dishes.

The Chaska/Chanhassen game was close to record numbers of tickets and concessions. We partnered with Kona Ice for the game; they offer 15% back for sales under $1000 and 20% if over. We received around $609 back.


Numbers are down from last year. Our back-to-school night location wasn’t ideal as it was crowded by the ID table. How can we better promote our memberships? A question asked is “Are our memberships tax deductible?”


We have had a busy and great Fall. Sales around $19000 since the middle of August.


We need to make sure we are getting our Booster and Paint the Town information into the Hawk’s Nest and other district opportunities.


Our website has been updated to include our current sponsors.


There were three teams canvassing neighborhoods the Fall. We will be taking orders until late October. After that approximate date, it will be too cold to paint.


Feedback on our new site has been favorable. New pictures can be added as blog posts. We will be looking into adding Amazon Smile information onto the website and also the possibility of becoming a member online.

New Business or Upcoming Events

·       Homecoming! We have 12 out of 16 concessions spots filled. Sign up if you can!

·       Hurricane Relief buckets are out again at Chaska and Chanhassen. Our chosen school to help is AE Laney in Wilmington, North Carolina. This event is in coordination with our Key Club.

·       October 15th is the swim team’s Night to Unite to fight glioblastoma in honor of Jenna Paschke. Boosters voted to cover the cost of ice cream and pizza for the event.

·       A new flag is needed at the field at CMSW. A plan needs to be put in place to get the new flag taken down every night to help curb wear and tear. On an additional note, flags are not to be flown 24/7 unless they are lighted.


·       Possible concessions opportunities: girl’s soccer Oct. 9th; football Oct. 23rd or 27th (if we get the bye); volleyball Oct. 24.

Next Meeting

Monday, November 5, 2018 | 6:30, CHS Main Office Conference Room 113

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