August 2019 Meeting Minutes


Chaska Hawks Booster Club Minutes

Monday, August 19, 2019

6:30 – call to order

Attendees: Melisa Coddington, Julene Hansch, DiAnn Klepperich, Alison Trauger, Ed O’Conner, Danielle Jorgensen, Angie Smalley, Dave White, Kim Reding, Jon Summer (AD), Brenda Lentz (Athletic Office Admin Assist)


Welcomed new board members Alison Trauger and Danielle Jorgensen.  Alison will take on the Communication position.

Jobs to fill – secretary, concession leads, backup grillmaster, Kim – lead concessions, will be her last year

Need to recruit new members, Alan will be at Back to School night

Concession lead – organize volunteer parents, handle the cash bag, works with Kim

Each team is assigned a night to sign up their teams’ parents to work a game, if no one signs up, it opens up two weeks prior to the assigned night.


$57,000 on hand

Current earmarks – scholarship, recording of national anthem by Tim Beckler


Wednesday, august 28th

Will serve pizza, candy, and drinks. No grill

Not as big a crowd since change in schedule with Link Group

Need a table set up, Brenda will handle

Want a spot away from registration and ID’s

We want spot right where the doors open up, Brenda will take care of it. (I think the request for this spot was more facetious than anything)

Need volunteers from the board


6:00-6:30: activities registration


7:00 – open for anyone

Alan will add info to the Chaska and Carver Facebook groups promoting the memberships

Hawk Shop will be open

Julie’s brother in law passed away, not sure of her availability, Angie will reach out to see if she needs help

Lots of new inventory, lots of work to be done to help her set up

Stickers are given away to new families that stop over

Driveway logos – Michelle is still in charge


Coverage – pretty good so far, concern is people actually showing up

Chan game – only 6 of 20

Thursday – Kim is handling herself

Saturday – not sure if we will be open, no leads or volunteers, have not had luck selling memberships other than first 2 football games.

Hard to find staff to sell concessions AND memberships.

Jon – we will always have passes for sale, if people don’t want a full membership

Angie – we have Square available to take credit cards at the pop-up shop.   Can get the square from Julie to use at the soccer games.

Dana has requested signups from the coaches, will send out reminders to the coaches.

Kim can handle Thursday’s soccer

Next Tuesday we have volleyball and soccer

Kim has recruited new concession lead

4 outside groups used our facilities for concessions this summer.

Alan – will check with Michael Davis, who works for M&M/Mars, to see if he is interested in donating candy.

Jon – Touchdown Club/Qdoba has asked to bring in food to sell at an event with 15% donation to the organization, would not sell overlapping items with our concessions.  Would like to work Homecoming against Jefferson on October 4.   Jon will advise that this date is ok.

Alan – Lifecore Foundation accepts applications for donations from employees, Alan has asked for donations to both Chaska and Chan.

Oak19 Restaurant has expressed interest in hosting fundraisers and awards banquets.

Jon – key to concessions is not working, the door might be sticking, Alan said his key worked, but Jon said the lock is really broken and probably needs replaced, Kim can enter through the middle door and go around.



Jim has stepped down, need someone to send updates to Cindy Brazil for Hawks Nest newsletter

Deadline is usually one week prior to end of the month.

Content doesn’t change much, but we need to meet their deadlines.   Alan will confirm the deadline and tailor the content for the first newsletter.


New website is up and functioning

Angie – do we have any quotes/numbers/data to promote on the website about what the boosters have done for a team?   Angie will work with DiAnn?

Jon – we approve donations to teams/groups based on what they have earned but don’t track their exact purchases.

Dave – can we give away t-shirts to incentivize people volunteering for concessions? 

Jon – a better idea might be a bonus or gift card at the end of the year if you volunteered X number of times.

Alan – wants website to reflect the sale of membership, not the pass.

Angie – thinks some people are scared of the word “membership”, thinks it obligates them to meetings and work.   

Jon – we need to find a way to differentiate the pass and the membership.  Angie to work on new wording.

Dave – will we have a food shelf donation table?

Alan – no we found that we didn’t have the resources to coordinate and will not coordinate in the future. Ex: Bountiful Basket drive: Chan forgot to set up, we only collected about 20 lbs of food.   Student coordination seems to work much better because of social media and their word of mouth. Boosters will support and help if asked.


Alan – collecting info for a new distribution list

Need to meet before homecoming, September 23rdis the best date for our next meeting


Jon – we may have an away game at TCO on Friday, Sept. 27.  Jon wants to bring the pep band, would the booster club pay for the pep band and fan buses for the kids?

Not a done deal, Jon has not yet talked with Tim Beckler.

Two buses for pep band would cost about $600.  Jon will send an email out to voting board members when he has a final decision.

School doesn’t typically sponsor a fan bus, needs to be more student directed based on interest level.  Can charge $5/kid, collect $250 for a full bus, selling in advance helps to know how many kids would be going.

Alan – Carver County Deputy squad cars in Chan have Storm decals on their assigned vehicles, Alan asked if Chaska police would do the same, waiting to hear back.

Sign up for Winter Concessions!

2019 Chaska Hawks Booster Scholarship Winners

2019 Chaska Hawks Booster Scholarship Winners